A membership of SuLo entails several benefits. Among them you will have the opportunity to participate in company visits, where new contacts may be made and where you will find inspiration for your future activities in the business world.

In addition to this, SuLo provides you with the opportunity of joining the study trip along with other members.

Furthermore, SuLo hosts several social arrangements during the year, examples being the Christmas lunch, which gives students the opportunity to socialize with SuLo members and strengthen their relationship with other students.

Becoming a member of SuLo you will also join the SuLo network, which makes it possible to contact both current and former logistics students and also keep track of what former students have accomplished after graduating from BSS (ASB). SuLo also provides a link between BSS and the students, and therefore also between the lecturers and the students and this makes SuLo the voice of the logistics students.

If you feel like becoming a member of SuLo the membership fee is currently 100 DKK for a lifetime membership of SuLo. Details about where and how to pay the fee can be found on our SuLo Facebook page. Former students are free to join the SuLo community.