MSc in Logistics & SCM

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is basically about planning and controlling the activities of a company in order to secure that the right product is delivered in the right quantities to the right customer at the right time to the right price.

Though at first glance, this may sound easy, it is of course a challenging task. Furthermore, it is not enough just to be a good planner, it is also important to understand how various business processes must be in place in order to support a well functioning supply chain.

The programme provides you with an in-depth knowledge about

  • Methods for planning and controlling flows of goods and information in a supply chain. This includes a solid understanding of how to develop the necessary IT based tools.
  • How to design a strategy for Supply Chain Management.

The courses of the programme will provide you with analytical skills that enable you to appraise, systematically structure and analyse the possible solutions to complex logistical problems. The teaching form of the programme encourages student participation and this in combination with the final thesis work will provide you with self-management and communication skills.

More information can be found on AU’s homepage e.g. Structure of the programme, Job and career etc.