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School of Business and Social Sciences
The School of Business and Social Sciences conducts high-quality research and teaching within Accounting, Logistics/Supply Chain Management, and Finance. We always maintain an international focus in our teaching and our research, and we strive to have our research published in leading international peer-reviewed academic journals. At the same time, we participate actively in international conferences all over the world.

Information about the programme can be found here

CORAL – Centre for Operations Research Applications in Logistics – is a centre for researchers at the Dept. of Business Studies, Aarhus University. The application domain is in logistics and supply chain management and the methodology is based in operations research, management science and business analytics.

Information about faculty members, research projects, Ph.D. programme and publications can be obtained from the web site.

DORS – Danish Operations Research Company is working to promote awareness of OR (Operations Research) in Denmark. This is achieved by holding a series of major and minor events, such as career day, seminars, OR day and AOO, and with the release of the member magazine Orbit. In addition, DORS will each year announce a thesis project in the field. DORS’s members include, besides a number of students and individuals, many institutions and companies interested in operating analytical methods.

Dansk Indkøbs- og logistic Forum(DILF) is the largest association for professionals in procurement, logistics, SCM and production. DILF forms a professional network with over 3000 members.

Knowledge networking is DILF’S blueprint. We collect and disseminate knowledge and experience to the mem-bers through newsletters, trade journals, network meetings, courses, conferences etc. The membership for DILF is free for students.

Travelling Salesman Problem
Interesting page regarding the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). Learn about the TSP or play the funny little game on the page

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