Company visit Salling Group

On the 28th of November, SuLo had the opportunity to visit Salling Group. After a warm welcome by former Logistics and Supply Chain graduate Carl Martin Munkholm and a morning coffee, our program started with several presentations.

At first, Niels Katholm Christensen, director of Logistics Development, introduced us to the company and talked about Salling’s expectations for future employees. Afterward, Anders Nyegaard, participant of the graduate programme at Salling Group, gave us insights about his life and daily tasks at the workplace. He introduced us to his current project in which he optimizes the way of using and integrating collies in the warehouse processes. This was supported by video material. Later in the day, while exploring the logistic facilities, we could recognize where exactly his project is targeted towards.
To gain an even broader insight into the work of Salling Group, Jonas Hovesen, Senior Strategic Procurement Consultant in Salling’s Commercial department taught us especially about how to strategically prepare and conduct supplier negotiations. Furthermore, Mie Bendtsen, a third-semester student in the master’s program of Logistic and Supply Chain Management at Aarhus BSS, talked about her experience as an intern and student assistant. Through her contribution to many projects at Salling Group, she could provide us with a comprehensive perspective on what it means to be a student in the company. Finally, Carl Martin Munkholm explained his journey from Aarhus BSS to Salling Group to us.
The second part of our company visit was the tour through the warehouse. We put on the yellow security vests and followed an experienced colleague through the buildings. He taught us about all the different sections and didn’t hesitate to touch on some of the complications Salling Group encountered when building the warehouse. It was very interesting and impressive to see how far industry 4.0 has already brought us. In huge sections, the warehouse was fully operated by computers.