Company visit at Salling Group

On the 30th of October 2019, 19 members of SuLo visited Salling Group, Aarhus. After a warm welcome by former Logistics and Supply Chain graduate Nikolaj Grumsen, our program started with four very inspiring presentations.

First of all, the current participant of Salling Groups Graduate Program, Søren, walked us through his working days as a Graduate in Salling Group. To gain an even broader insight into the graduate program Martin Munkholm a former participant of the Salling Group Graduate Program, told his experience with Salling Group and which opportunity the graduate program contribute with.
After that, we had the pleasure of listing to Niels Christensen, director of logistics development, who told us about the development of the Danish Netto to become Netto 3.0.
While Thomas explained how Salling Group dealt with ensuring goods of flows at the stores, with the trade-offs in mind that they cannot provide having all goods in-store all the time.

The second part of our company visit was a tour of the warehouse. We put on the yellow security vests and got a guided tour around the warehouse and became familiar with the logistic of the warehouse.


An exciting and learning day. Tank you, Salling Group.