Company visit at Dansk Supermarked

On the 7th of February SoLo had the pleasure to visit Dansk Supermarked Group. The day started at 9:00, where the participating members were greeted by Supply Chain and Logistics Graduate Carl Martin Munkholm. Carl and three of his associates gave us some inspiring presentations of their working in DSG, alongside with the variety of tasks that comes along with the job there.

Their presentations included the providing and handling of different projects conducted during the workflow at DSG. These presentations made a clear connection between the material thought on our master’s program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and the real world.

Last but not least we got a guided tour at DSG almost fully automatic warehouse facility. At this warehouse we saw all the different processes in action, perfectly coordinated to reduce risk of picking errors while maintain a low throughput time, while in practice demonstrating the complexity of the systems and processes within a warehouse of the scale of DSGs.