Company visit at Dansk Supermarked

On March 16th, SuLo visited Dansk Supermarked Group. We were greeted by Supply Chain graduate, Kristina Hove Østergaard, who introduced us to DSG and told us about her role, as a graduate, in the organization. Later,Mette Margrethe Poulsen, head of e-commerce logistics, as well as two former interns, joined us for a talk about the important role of e-commerce logistics in the DSG Supply Chain, as well as the challenges that follow.

After a break, we proceeded to get a tour of one of DSG’s large warehouses where we saw first hand, how big of an effort DSG put into warehouse optimization and the potential benefits of doing so. We, among other things, saw how DSG through coordinated order picking, reduced the risk of picking errors while maintaining a low throughput time.