Activities & Student Life

Company Visits
Sometimes it can be difficult to see the practicability in the courses. When we visit companies, it gives a new perspective on our lectures. When you hear a CEO explain their production planning or their way of cooperating with their suppliers, you can suddenly see some of the tools from lectures applied to real life situations. Further, after a company visit, you have newfound energy and enthusiasm. You feel a lot more passionate about your studies when you are able to see that they teach us exactly what the companies use in their everyday life. During the years we have visited companies such as Lego, Vestas, Dansk Supermarked and Pandora.

Study Trips
Once every year we go on a study trip, mostly to a location abroad. The students decide where to go, where to live, which companies to visit and what to experience. It is our own trip and it offers a mix of company visits, local and national attractions and socialization with classmates. Visiting companies in other countries is a very interesting and exciting experience, as they conduct their business differently than the companies we visit in Denmark. Furthermore, these visits are a great way to make contacts in other countries, in addition to getting to know each other in a more relaxed environment.

Stay in touch with SuLo
The SuLo project hosted for the first time 13th of April 2013. The Stay in touch with SuLo is an initiative to build a stronger connection between its members, professors and be the alumni within the field of Logistics and Supply Chain management.

At last year’s event, four speakers gave a small presentation about their careers, about how they are using the knowledge gained during their education in their daily work or other relevant topics in today’s world of supply chain management and logistics. Furthermore there was time for networking reserved throughout the event. The group of speakers consists of one professor, two experienced professionals, and a recent graduate.