About Us

SuLo is short for Student Union of Logistics. It is a student union for both present and former students enrolled in MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Aarhus School of Business and Social Science (Aarhus University). The board consists of eight members, representing both first-year and second-year students. Furthermore, SuLo has three independent committees; The Company Visit, Study Trip and Party Committee.

The Objectives of SuLo are:

  • To create a good educational student environment for the MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management students
  • To arrange company visits with at logistical point of view for all members
  • To work as a liaison between MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management students and domestic as well as international companies
  • To serve as a link between the students and the lectures of the Department of Business Studies
  • To help enhance the knowledge of the MSc in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management program
  • To create a great social environment for the students

SuLo is a non-profit organization that works for the benefit of students at MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Each year a study trip is arranged, with destinations to cities such as Rio, Beijing and Panama City.

The current board:




Mette Vestergaard Nielsen

Phone: +45 25 30 63 80

Mail: chairman@sulo.dk



Vice Chairman

Klaudia Fejgin

Phone: +45 42 26 26 05

Mail: chairman@sulo.dk




Louise Terkelsen

Phone: +45 51 16 96 17

Mail: treasurer@sulo.dk



Study Trip Responsible

Mette Lindrup Nielsen

Phone: +45 26 80 38 08

Mail: studytrip@sulo.dk



Company Visit Responsible

Jonathan Hass

Phone: +45 41 61 88 80

Mail: companyvisit@sulo.dk



Company Visit Responsible

Barbora Gasparova

Phone: +45 28 89 25 21

Mail: companyvisit@sulo.dk



Event Responsible

Kristoffer Borgen Skov

Phone: +45 25 30 40 99

Mail: event@sulo.dk



Stay in Touch with SuLo Responsible

Anders Kappel Jensen

Phone: +45 20 12 03 36

Mail: stayintouch@sulo.dk



IT Responsible

Jingqi Su

Phone: +45 71 53 83 84

Mail: webmaster@sulo.dk



Event Responsible

Nanna Sølvkær Schütz

Phone: +45 20 57 68 47

Mail: event@sulo.dk