Company visit at Salling Group

On the 30th of October 2019, 19 members of SuLo visited Salling Group, Aarhus. After a warm welcome by former Logistics and Supply Chain graduate Nikolaj Grumsen, our program started with four very inspiring presentations. First of all, the current participant of Salling Groups Graduate Program, Søren, walked us through his working days as a… Read More »

Stay In Touch With SuLo

Stay In Touch With SuLo, the yearly networking event of the student union took place last Monday (6th of May) at Aarhus BSS. More than 45 students, alumni, speakers, professors, and research assistants gathered for an evening dedicated to logistics and supply chain! After a welcome and get together phase, the event started with a… Read More »

Company visit at JYSK

On the 6th of February 2019, 18 SuLo members took the opportunity to visit JYSK at the head office in Braband, Aarhus. The program of the day started at 13:30h with a warm welcome by Louise Munkholm Bendsen. Louise gave us a short introduction to JYSK, JYSK Nordic in particular, and the superordinate Lars Larsen… Read More »

Company visit Salling Group

On the 28th of November, SuLo had the opportunity to visit Salling Group. After a warm welcome by former Logistics and Supply Chain graduate Carl Martin Munkholm and a morning coffee, our program started with several presentations. At first, Niels Katholm Christensen, director of Logistics Development, introduced us to the company and talked about Salling’s… Read More »

Company visit at Danish Crowns

On the 5th of March 2018, 25 SuLo members visited Danish Crowns production facility in Horsens. We were greeted at the entrance and got the grand tour of their facility. All the way, from when the animals enters the facility, to the end, where all the cut meat leaves in cages. On the journey through… Read More »

Company visit at Dansk Supermarked

On the 7th of February SoLo had the pleasure to visit Dansk Supermarked Group. The day started at 9:00, where the participating members were greeted by Supply Chain and Logistics Graduate Carl Martin Munkholm. Carl and three of his associates gave us some inspiring presentations of their working in DSG, alongside with the variety of… Read More »

Company visit at Dansk Supermarked

On March 16th, SuLo visited Dansk Supermarked Group. We were greeted by Supply Chain graduate, Kristina Hove Østergaard, who introduced us to DSG and told us about her role, as a graduate, in the organization. Later,Mette Margrethe Poulsen, head of e-commerce logistics, as well as two former interns, joined us for a talk about the… Read More »

Company visit at LEGO

On the 27th of February 2017, 25 members of SuLo visited LEGO in Billund. Tine Markvad Vind introduced us to the history of LEGO, the core values of the company and told us about the different struggles the LEGO company had been facing in the beginning as well as in recent years. After lunch another… Read More »

Company visit at Pandora

On 4th of February 2016, 38 SuLo members, 1st and 2nd year students, visited Pandora in Hamburg. The program was as following: 7 am: Left from BSS 11:30 am: Arrived at Pandora. A general introduction of the company followed + introduction of all the managers. The students were divided into small different teams and visited all… Read More »

Company visit at Dansk Supermarked

On the 27th of October, 35 members of SuLo visited Dansk Supermarked, Aarhus. Logistic Manager, Mette Margrethe Poulsen, introduced us to the history of the retail company and its various carrier opportunities. Additionally, we had the pleasure of meeting four graduates, who told us about their task and responsibilities within DS. After a short break, we… Read More »